How to sell your script in shop

If you want to create private script, please visit how to protect your script page

This topic describes how to place your script in shop ( It is not necessary to be a premium user to place script in shop.

All script in the shop are protected, even free scripts.

First of all you have to create script. Please download BAS( create script and save project file.

After that, you will have YourScript.xml file.

You may also want to check this article: how to prepare a script for publication in the store.

Next steps describes how to upload it:

  1. Please create account on this page( Note, that your username will be visible to all users.
  2. After registration you will see shop menu Please read and accept license to start script upload.
  3. Visit Script page( and add new script. Fill following form. This form specifies how your script will look like in shop.
  4. Now you need to upload YourScript.xml file created with BAS. Do this with one of following buttons:
  5. Next step is to wait for script approval. This operation should be done by moderator and can long. Moderator can ask you for script revision.
  6. While you are waiting for approval, you can check shop front page(, to see how it will look like. Script will be visible only to your account.
  7. After script will be approved, script will appear on shop page and users can buy and start using it.
  8. You can see your customers on users page( If you are a premium user, you can add and edit your users manually. If you are not a premium, users can start using script only by actually bying script in shop.
  9. List of all money income can be found on payments page (
  10. Most important thing to do is to withdraw funds. Do it on Withdrawals page( Put your provider and purse here. Allowed providers are paypal, wmz, wmr.
  11. Next sunday you will receive money on your purse. There also will be notification on Withdrawals page.

Following video shows all publishing process: